2nd Semester Episode 1: Philosophy – April ONeil & Kira Noir & Jake Adams & Wolf Hudson & Dee Williams & Serene Siren

It’s a new semester and the students of the esteemed Hentai Sex School are ready! But everything is turned upside-down when Principal Coldsnatch (Dee Williams) announces that international sex icon, Allura Karma (Serene Siren), is a new teacher. She’s LEGENDARY and someone that Nathan Basic (Jake Adams) and many others idolize.

As if THAT isn’t exciting enough, Ms. Karma announces that she’s the organizer for the coveted 4Play Games, which puts freshmen from various schools to the test. This year, the games will be hosted at HSS… and none other than Nathan will be the team captain!

Nathan is stunned, especially since he’ll have to now choose the team that will take the school to victory. Although Penny Lustmore (April O’Neil) and Misty Clitt (Kira Noir) are excited for Nathan, Blitz Hardrocket (Wolf Hudson) is infuriated as he storms away. As Penny excuses herself to follow after Blitz to see what’s wrong, it becomes obvious that Blitz is jealous of Nathan for always seemingly getting chosen for EVERYTHING.

Penny taps into her nurturing nature as she helps Blitz calm down and see things in a different light through an intimate encounter. Although Blitz still isn’t happy with Nathan being team captain, when they’re done, he returns to class with Penny.

As they step inside the classroom, Nathan finally reveals who he’s chosen to be on the team… But do they have what it takes to win??