2nd Semester Episode 3: Psychology – April ONeil & Kira Noir & Wolf Hudson & Serene Siren

As the 4Play Games continue, Nathan Basic (Jake Adams), Penny Lustmore (April ONeil), Misty Clitt (Kira Noir), and Blitz Hardrocket (Wolf Hudson) eat lunch together, preparing for the next event in the Games. Penny is nervous about the event, but her teammates encourage her, pointing out that, thanks to Misty, their team is already off to a GREAT start.

Later that afternoon, Allura Karma (Serene Siren) welcomes the teams to the event, explaining that the theme of the event is flexibility. Female competitors must have sex while staying in extreme positions, maintaining each position until they hear the whistle. The third and final position must be held as LONG as possible. The teams glance at each other as they hear this, an atmosphere of nervous excitement building.

Allura then directs the team captains to choose who will represent them in the event. For Nathan, it’s obvious: Penny, who has both flexibility and stamina. The rest of the team agrees, encouraging Penny to show everyone what she’s got. Penny agrees, taking a deep breath and stepping into the competition area.

This challenge promises to push competitors to their absolute LIMITS…but will Nathan’s team triumph again?