2nd Semester Episode 5: Track & Field – April ONeil & Whitney Wright & Kira Noir & Jake Adams & Wolf Hudson & Serene Siren

It’s the final competition in the coveted 4Play Games… and it’s Hentai Sex School versus Thrustwell Academy!

Tensions are at an all-time high as Nathan Basic (Jake Adams), Penny Lustmore (April O’Neil), Misty Clitt (Kira Noir), and Blitz Hardrocket (Wolf Hudson) face off against Preston and his elite team. Although Preston tries to get in their heads, Nathan and his team are about to show him what they’re made of once and for all.

But once the sexy relay race is underway under Allura Karma (Serene Siren)’s watchful eye, Nathan is unaware that there’s more at stake than just the school’s reputation…